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A certain number of prosecutors are placed. One prosecutor is assigned as the Chief Prosecutor and other prosecutors are formed into several teams. Each team is led by a Head Prosecutor who supervises the affairs of the group. In addition, the Office includes the Clerk Division, Personnel Division, Accounting Division, Statistics Division, Civil Service Ethics Division, Information Management Division, Bailiff Division, Records Section, Enforcement Section, General Affairs Section, Detention Affairs Section, Documentation Section, Research and Evaluation Section.

organization map

The Bureau is embodied with a total of forty personnel in the fiscal year of 2020: including
1x prosecutor attorney general
4x prosecutors
1x chief clerk
1x personnel officer
1x accountant
1x statistician
1x director of the Department of Ethics
9x clerks in the court
3x each of accountant, statistician clerk, IT operator
6x legal policemen
2x record keepers
2x drivers
2x office helpers

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