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The Main Responsibilities

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The Main Responsibilities

The main responsibilities of the prosecutor of the Bureau are:
1.Review the cases to be reinvestigated.
2.Prosecute the public cases at court.
3.Deal with cases to be reinvestigated and to proceed cases for special appeal.
4.Appraise the sentence statements of the second stage trial and deal with the third stage trial appeal.
5.Prepare the refutation in response to the third stage trial appeal by the plaintiff.
6.Carry out the execution of the death-penalty, and the detention of the plaintiff in the second and the third stage trial.
7.Deal with the complaint application of the general public.
8.Deal with the cases of the jurisdiction transfer.
9.Appraise the inspection cases.
10.Inspect the electorate affairs.
11.Supervise the prosecution affairs of the first stage trial in the jurisdiction.
12.Appraise prisons, security offices and places, detention house, and juvenile detention house.
13.Appraise the reconsideration affairs of the compensation applications by the crime victims.
14.Actively promote the education of the legal administration.

A prosecutor acts for the nation to carry out the prosecution of the crime and the execution of the penalty, as well as the execution of the other legal duties, responsible for the national security, social stability, and the protection of the rights and benefits of the people. To fulfill this mission, the Bureau has since its establishment performed the responsibilities in an efficient, lawful, and correct manner. All the personnel of the Bureau have carried out their duties: cooperating fully so as to improve efficiency in dealing with the cases. They have actively rendered better services to the public, bending all their efforts in enhancing administration efficiency to maintain the judicial discipline, and carrying out the functions of the second stage of trial so as to win the trust in the judicial system in our society

All the personnel in the Bureau will be encouraged to continue carrying out their duty through dedication to their mission in the team work so as to achieve never ending innovation and improvement, accomplishing the objective of the Bureau to the level of excellence.

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