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White Paper on Serving the People

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  • Last updated:2023-06-13
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I. Message from the Chief Prosecutor

lion1Justice exists for protecting people’s right. The Prosecutors Office, a part of judicial agencies, does everything from the premise of public benefit. Therefore, serving people is one of the major tasks of the Office.

Thrashing crimes, fighting corruption, enhancing social safety and national security are the main duties of the Prosecutors Office. While the Office performs its duty, it is extremely important that the Office follows standard procedures and pursuing essential justiceensures no undeserved punishment or crimes waived, and makes the criminal convicted and acquits people without crime. The Office will surely make efforts toward achieving its goal and we welcome your comments!

II. Major Work at the Current Time

1. Improve the Efficiency of Crime Investigation
To safeguard the rights of the people, we have been trying our best to quickly conduct the investigation, appeal, reconsideration motion, defense, enforcement of judgment, claiming penalty against defendants, claiming exempt of enforcement and claiming the criminal enforcement, jurisdiction transfer, Military Judgment Comment Paper, reconsideration of victim’s compensation and the general complaints.
2. Cogently Implement Public Prosecutions
prosecuting attorneys, our Prosecutors shall be present at the Court to exercise public prosecutionlion2 and argue practically, review case documents before trial, and contact prosecutors of first trial if necessary to obtain more details of the case, and shall pay attention to the evidences either favorable or unfavorable to the defendant to avoid injustice against the defendant.

3. Apply adequately rights to oppose a judgment and to appeal
Upon receiving the original judgment, prosecutors shall read it carefully to check if there is anything miscarriage of justice in the sentencing, not-guilty for the guilty persons or guilty for innocent persons. In case the judgment is final but injustice is found, prosecutors shall explain detail reasons and present Special Appeal Paper to Prosecutor General of the Supreme Prosecutors Office to appeal for remedy before deadline.

4. Work Hard at Prosecutions

To uncover and stop lawbreaking and crimes are the responsibilities of prosecutors. When handling a case, if prosecutors find there are suspects of concerned or non-concerned person, testifiers, or suspected crime in newspapers or magazines ads, prosecutors shall investigate the name and address of the involved persons and submit them to the local District Prosecutors Office for further investigation and solve the cases under the laws.

5. Intensify Victims Protection
The Commission on Compensation Reconsideration for Victims of Crimes was established in Hualien Branch, Taiwan High Prosecutors Office to be in charge of the reconsideration of the appeals made by the applicants who appeal against the decision or decision of inaction

Promises We Undertake

1. Apply the Principles of Careful Conducts
We shall treat the customers equal regardless how trivial the service is, and conduct actively to resolve each individual case effectively.

2. Apply the Principles of Professional Conducts

We require strictly our staff to become well educated with legal knowledge, and the personnel in all Sections and Offices shall assist the customers with the most clear and accurate reply in the shortest time.

3. Conducting Two-way Communication
We shall reply and explain to the customers in a reasonable, friendly and tactful way. In case there is misapprehension by customers, we shall explain to them in a more calm and tactful way

IV. Direct Services for the people

1. About the news report of cases investigation

(1) Implement the News Spokesman System.

(2) The contents of the news shall be accurate.

(3) Set up special zone for the media and limit reporters to enter the offices of the personnel in charge of the cases.

2. Properly and quickly process cases of public complaints

(1) Cases of complaints shall be handled immediately as soon as they are presented.

(2) Toimprove the services for the people, our office has kept all the documents of complaints in computer and classified with Tiao (Investigation) and Chen (Petition) files according to the sources in pursuance of Regulations on Executing Cases of Complaints. The cases shall be solved in one month and replied to the people; if the complaints are delivered by phone calls our staff shall listen to it carefully and keep records for instant action.

3. Enquiry Services

For cases which can not be solved or explained immediately by us, we shall assist the customers to transfer the documents to other departments or ask other legal service organs to assist them.

4. Complaints by Phone

For complaints by phone calls, if the cases are easy, our staff shall reply immediately, and for cases which can not be replied immediately, we shall suggest them to present their complaints in written form for execution in term limit.

5. Intensify Network Services

(1) Our Website is administrated by special personnel for services enquiries and online applications.

(2) The cases are classified as Shengta would be handled and sent back to applicants immediately after finished. For cases cannot be finished in time limitdue to reasons such as transfer, enforcement of judgment or uncertainty, a correspondence shall be mailed to the applicants to notify them.

6. Free application exemplifications for people

Exemplifications can be obtained on service counter.

7. Intensify Network Services

Application forms, sample Indictment can be download from our website, which is administrated by special personnel for services.

8. Intensify the services measures in Customers Services Center

(1) Assign personnel by selection

Senior and experienced personnel are assigned in the Services Center to friendly and warmheartedly explain and assist customers to understand cases with intensive legal knowledge.

(2) Offer facilities to people

Flow chart of application.

Application forms, flow chart of case application are displayed.

We offer desks and chairs for forms filling, photocopying machine and presbyopic glasses.

We offer courtesy wheelchairs, special service bell and nursery room.

9. Promote legal knowledge

(1)Prosecutors shall visit schools and communities to provide legal knowledgeto the people.

(2)Work with social organizations to organize actions against bribery election, promote legal knowledge and improve democracy sense of the people.

(3)Provide publications of legal knowledge in Services Center to be read free by people.

(4) Receive all kinds of suggestions and opinions from the public:

Set up Suggestion Box and Suggestions Questionnaire, and conduct investigation statistics on suggestions.

Set up Administrative Innovation Mail Box to collect opinions and suggestions from the public.

There is also an email address to receive public opinions and reply to the enquiries from the people.

To improve the image of justice and serve the people, Customers Services Center offers customers with unitary services at the service desk from beginning to the end of the cases.

V. We will keep reviewing and improving our services quality

1. We shall not be self-satisfied with status quo

We have set up over twenty regulations about service manners, prevalence measures and phone manner according to the Service Items and Rating Standard of the Organs Subordinate to Department of Justice, by which we rate ourselves during the daily work; and test randomly the phone manner of the staff, administrate and urge the cases of public opinions, improve the professional skill of the staff and train them with service manners, keep reviewing or praising work in brief reports as important reference of year-end rating.

2. Collect public opinions by conducting Citizen Service Questionnaire Survey irregularly, and develop new measures of services and simplify the procedure, and make most of the social resources to offer better services to the people. We pursue continuous innovation and improvement to stride forward the goal of “from excellent to outstanding”.

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